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I hate everyone right now.

#WiRecall #WiUnion drink inspired venting…

Thanks Russ Feingold for FUCKING NOTHING. Appreciate it. Confirmed what I already knew about you, ya asshat. You had a giant office that the taxpayers paid for, and even though you were THE MOST INDEPENDENT voting politician, YOU ARE STILL USELESS.

Speaking of useless, THANX DEMOCRATIC PARTY for the candidate without a fucking plan. So this is the guy we get to try to win over moderates and disenfranchised lefties? THANX ASSHOLES. Fuck you too.

Thanks BARRY for fucking nothing. “I’ll march in the streets with you.” you said or some horsehit when you ran, and wtf did you do when THE PEOPLE OF WISCONSIN FUCKING MARCHED??? Nothing. Thanks for the last minute tweet. I printed it out to wipe my ass with it.

I am happy though that we had record voter turnout. So don’t grab your guns yet.

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NC pastor wishes he could put gay people in concentration camps and starve them to death


In a sermon blasting President Obama for his same-sex marriage support, Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina, offered a novel — and horrific — solution to the so-called gay scourge: build an electric fence and let “lesbians, queers and homosexuals” starve to death. Because obviously, that’s what Jesus would do.

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Yeah, dude, it’s a slur, and you know it!

After Bachmann opened her wicked mouth again, and let the word “tar baby” slip out on tv… I found myself in a familiar place. See, at my primary job, I make dick jokes on a rock radio morning show. We try to avoid politics, cuz shit’s crazy here anyway… but WTF. We HAD to talk about it. She’s the most well educated idjit I’ve ever seen in my life. Truly… one in a million, kinda like the white buffalo…  white buffalo

….only she’s not a sign of hope, she’s a sign of American’s rapidly increasing acceptance of intolerance. Click here for the clip.

 So on the air we were laughing our asses off. It was the worst mad lib EVER. Even if you take “tar baby” out of the sentence… we couldn’t figure out what exactly President Obama would be waving around. It was stupid, it was funny, whatevs.

OBama beer

We laughed, and gave her shit for hating on the gay community …

bachmann dog

and went to commercial break after giving away tix to see Clutch. Pretty fuckin’ rock n roll right? Then… later that afternoon… a listener sent me an email, and the subject was “tar-baby.”  Yup, I knew it. Here’s the email and the exchanges that followed. (some names have been changed to protect the ignorant) 

  ·      From: Billy Bob Conservative

shame on you!

suggesting that “tar baby” is a racial slur/derrogatory comment is simply shameful on your part.  Do your homework and look up the definition.

what pisses me off is that you guys are always googling something for an answer or fact, why not this morning?

I reacted by changing stations.  This might need to happen permanently.

I have listened to JJO since its inception.  But I am tired of the shoddy/lazy way you guys report the “news” and the political slant of your commentary.

stick to comedy, bullshit and most of all, MUSIC.

your audience deserves an apology and retraction.

·      My reply:

No finger pointing needed.

I’m aware of the “definition”. This is how I define if something is

racist…. would you yell it in the halls at Milwaukee Public Schools without offending anybody? If the answer is no, then it’s racist.

Thanks for your input. We like staying out of politics. Sometimes you can’t. Especially when it’s someone we’ve talked about and SUPPORTED on things in the past, who also happens to be a former rock star linked to our format.

We get paid to have an opinion. I’m sorry that you can’t listen to one that you don’t agree with without having to turn the station. I have many loyal conservative listeners that debate with us openly and we share their texts. I, myself, hold many fiscally conservative ideas, a few libertarian ideas, and many progressive ideas, they are ideas. that is all. they are not fact, although the data I used to create them was indeed fact.  We do not claim to be the news authority dude. In fact, we always say it’s not the news, look at my signature on my email address. If you’re looking for me to apologize for having my own researched, cited and carefully expressed views, you will not receive it. I thank you for your time to write me and for listening.

-Dee Biznatch-The Not Really New

 ·      Billy Bob Conservative s reply:

I would hope the teachers in the Milwaukee School District would have educated their students as to the definition.

you guys were way off base this AM and it was obviously intentional.

I still read the Wisconsin State Journal, and have done so since 1978.  I don’t agree, but they are usually reporting facts and their opinions are stated as such.

this morning your gang intentionally slanted the meaning of tar baby and that is a disservice to your listeners.  Especially those that are not aware of the definition.

·      My retort, which ended our contact with eachother:

By your logic, the definition of a fag is a cigarette - depending on where you are, or which book you get your definition from. Therefore, it is no longer a slur to gays. I cannot and will not apply this logic to myself, my child or my co workers.

Also by your logic, when Johnny made the joke about women drivers being horrible at it, we should have looked up actual statistics of accidents involving women. I refuse to endorse the idea of turning every friggin comment we make into a fact reporting mission.

That’s crazy. That’s…. crazy. We are not a news paper. We are a group of four people on a morning show in Madison WI on a rock station and we make dick jokes. We make jokes. We joked about. It’s what we do, Billy Bob.

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Today he’d be considered a terrorist by the tea baggers. Remember, we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people. 

Today he’d be considered a terrorist by the tea baggers. Remember, we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people.